Who we are

AltaVista Research was founded in the US in early 2004 to provide highly differentiated fundamental research on the rapidly growing number of Exchange Traded Funds. AltaVista staff have over six decades of experience across research provision, business building, sales, distribution, marketing, client servicing and technical and product innovation. We are well suited to deliver expert services to the Australian marketplace with the substantial benefit of a global overlay.

Independence and Australian presence

We have operated in Australia since 2008. We are a truly independent and specialist ETF research house, deriving our income from our clients. We are not paid by product issuers for any services and thus, we cannot and do not have any bias to or favour towards any product issuer or their product. Our independence is highly prized in Australia’s research market and by our clients.

What we offer

Our primary services include:

  • ETF Research: on equities and fixed interest ETFs
  • ETF Model Portfolios: SAA, TAA and Customised Model Portfolios
  • Analytical tools: allowing for superior fund and sector selection
  • Portfolio Builder: allowing the construction of and reporting on ETF portfolios

Given the broad spectrum of investing needs in the Australian marketplace, we have built a full-service product offering which has been driven by our customers’ needs and the changing opportunities arising from regulatory changes. At a secondary level, we offer APL review and broad implementation consulting services, customised research and reporting portals all the way through to the full spectrum of Model Portfolio construction techniques for both Australian and US domiciled ETFs.

Our clients

We deliver our services to an array of client types in the financial advisory and investment management marketplace:

  • Independently-owned financial advisors
  • Accountants
  • Dealer Groups
  • Stockbrokers
  • Family offices
  • Private advice market
  • Platforms
  • Funds managers
  • Superannuation funds

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