Customised Model Portfolios

Customised Model Portfolios enable you to set the investment parameters of your product and advice offering whilst outsourcing the research and investment management function to AltaVista.

This form of relationship assumes a number of advisers will be accessing the Model Portfolios that are actively derived through initial and ongoing consultation with your Investment Committee. The service we deliver can be truly customised at several levels:

  • Depth of outsourcing of investment management function
  • Asset allocation selection – insourced or outsourced
  • ETF universe available – ASX or NYSE domiciled
  • Consultation overlay to asset allocation and ETF selections

The breadth of customisation is a function of your needs. Customised Model Portfolios can best suit:

  • Dealer Groups
  • Private Wealth/Advisory
  • Stockbroking Firms
  • Fund Managers
  • Superannuation Funds

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To find out how to access these portfolios or for information on how to construct your own portfolios, please contact us via email.