Model ETF Portfolios – Our Approach

Meeting Your Investment Needs

ETF Model Portfolios offer a real solution that provides an effective way to add value to investment portfolios. As an advisor, ETF Model Portfolios allow you to focus on the real issues of your clients overall advice needs, to lower investment costs, to improve investment transparency whilst servicing more clients and more client types. As investment products, ETFs many advantages include to allow you to improve business efficiency:

  • Lower overall portfolio costs with immediate asset diversification
  • Increase investment transparency
  • Readily utilise a core/satellite investment management approach
  • Complement to existing investments – shares or managed funds
  • Increased liquidity, security and transfer of assets

Building ETF Portfolios can be a straightforward exercise. If you have access to the appropriate quantitative research and analytical tools available that provides for the selection of superior ETFs amongst “peer” (same sector) fund groups and provide you with the ability to readily blend ETFs, you can build the “investment case” for any ETF portfolio. Our approach empowers our clients to build their own portfolios or to select from our menu of Model Portfolio options.

Full Service Offering

We deliver a full-service offering that caters to your specific investment needs and required extent of Investment Control. You decide whether you prefer to build your own portfolios or whether you’d rather select a portfolio from our product menu.

Our offering leverages our unique research, systems and tools. We simply pass this expertise and capability on to you.

Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) Quantitatively managed models where asset allocation and ETF selection are driven purely by our research. You choose the model(s) and commit client assets.
Availability: via HUB24.
Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) Using set guidelines, we build and maintain low-cost, research-driven and well-diversified models suitable as “core” or “whole of portfolio” exposures. Two Model streams across Sector Portfolios and Diversified Strategies are offered to better suit client needs.
Availability: via Fixed Fee or Praemium.
A collaborative approach where you set the portfolio rules and outsource the Investment Management function to us. We determine ETF selection and asset allocation based on the research, within your specific guidelines.
Build Your Own You build and manage your desired portfolios online utilising our full suite of research tools. Request a demonstration.

The Value of Independence

As an independent, global and specialist ETF research house, our offering delivers significant benefits, including:

  • No bias to any product issuer or individual product
  • The use of our proprietary research, reporting and portfolio construction tools
  • Support and education/training to clients
  • Clever use of technology to deliver your solutions

We invite you to contact us to discuss how ETF Model Portfolios can assist you.