Strategic Asset Allocation Model Portfolios


The differing needs of investors

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) portfolios are often favoured by advisors and investors who seek a strategic and long-term consistent approach to portfolio management. By using ETFs in SAA Portfolios, investors can access a greater level of investment flexibility and investment information or transparency than ever before to suit their overall investment objectives.

However, not all investment objectives are the same. Investor profiles, needs and characteristics can differ greatly.

AltaVista’s Strategic Asset Allocation Portfolios offering delivers arguably the most comprehensive “menu” of SAA Portfolios available in the Australian marketplace. We have designed our portfolios to meet the needs of more investors by acknowledging investor’s differing needs regarding:

  • Total investable amount – delivered through our proprietary “Core and “Enhanced” streams
  • Desired asset sector allocations – facilitating core and satellite approach
  • Specific risk profiles – Conservative through to High Growth
  • Enhanced portfolio information – portfolio-level investment fundamentals data across both equities and fixed interest ETFs

All portfolios observe an array of set investment parameters and seek to deliver portfolios using our proprietary quantitative research. Each portfolio is designed to be superior to the Portfolio’s designated benchmark in terms of its key fundamental investment metrics and our proprietary quantitative rating measures. As true SAA Portfolios, they are formally re-balanced on a six-monthly basis with regular ongoing review. All reporting with daily up-dated research is delivered via your login.


Availability - Direct or Platform

All SAA Portfolios are made available for a single Fixed Annual Fee of $800.00 + GST. We provide you with all of the portfolios we offer, including:

  • ETF selection and weighting
  • Full access to our proprietary quantitative research-based reporting tools via this website
  • Portfolio reports are updated daily with full quantitative analysis both online and in print format
  • 6-monthly formal portfolio reviews with ongoing and re-weighting updates
  • Client and enquiry support

As a direct, fixed-fee offering, we give you the choice of where you prefer to transact – direct via your stockbroker, online broker or via your chosen platform. Where portfolios are available / made available on a platform, the Investment Management Fee is 0.15% (15 basis points) + GST. If you want more information, or seek your own Customised Strategic Asset Allocation Model Portfolios, please contact us via email.