Flexible Options for Financial Professionals

As an independent researcher, AltaVista delivers ETF Research and Model Portfolio services by subscription. Our full-service offering can be readily tailored to suit your business and client needs.


Research & Analytics

We offer a unique suite of disciplined, forward-looking investment analysis tools covering more than 80 ASX-listed Equity and Fixed Income ETFs, including:

Y Sophisticated screening tools

Y Detailed Fund Focus reports

Y "Quick View" fund comparison by category

Y Portfolio Builder tool

These powerful tools are ideal for "hands on" financial professionals who want to utilise powerful and relevant research in selecting investments on behalf of clients. Our fundamentally-driven approach reviews the constituents within each ETF, and is arguably far more relevant than any other type of research available.

ETF Portfolios

ETFs are the perfect vehicle to implement almost any investment strategy. We offer several well-researched, disciplined approaches to asset allocation:

Y Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) models

Y Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) portfolios

Y Customisation Opportunities

Ideal for advisors who want to outsource a small or large part of the investment management function to free up more time to spend with clients.



Want access to US-listed ETFs?

We also have research, analysis and portfolio tools for over 750 NYSE-listed ETFs.
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