Tactical Asset Allocation Model Portfolios


Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) portfolios aim to outperform their stated benchmarks and present investors with a viable option or complement to active-only portfolios. They allow an adviser the opportunity to provide a research-driven well diversified investment option that is designed to outperform and be considerably more cost-efficient.

Our TAA Model Portfolios comprise a "building blocks" approach:

  • Two sector portfolios that are equities-only based
  • Three Diversified portfolios that invest in both equities and fixed interest ETFs (coming soon)

Our Tactical Asset Allocation Models dynamically shift between the nominated sectors, utilising the primary strength of our research process – a forward-looking assessment of an ETFs overall investment merit. This consistent, research-driven approach allows us to then compare the relative value between ETFs to identify asset allocation at sector level and then select the appropriate funds to best provide that exposure.

Monthly rebalancing of portfolio positions take advantage of changes in the relative value within the market whilst reducing overall portfolio transaction costs. These products are delivered via selected platforms. Our currently available equities TAA portfolios are:

Portfolio Name Benchmark
AltaVista Australia Tactical Allocation ASX200 All Ordinaries Index
AltaVista Global Tactical Allocation Portfolio MSCI All Country World Index

To find out how to access these portfolios please contact us via email.